Ian Cummings “Your voice for our community”

Ian Cummings is pleased to announce that he will be campaigning to be elected to the Franklin local board this October.

“I want Franklin residents to enjoy the high-quality essential core services they deserve. I want to reduce wasteful spending, rates, regulatory burden and ensure Council activities are transparent.”

“I am a strong advocate for free enterprise. Our local businesses and the voluntary sector are where the endless capacity for innovation and creative thought comes from so it is essential that they are consulted and supported as they will remain vitally important for the ongoing health and wellbeing of our growing community.”

Ian is a local family-man, the General Manager of a company that manages and operates major hazardous facilities and serves on the board of Pukekohe Christian School.

“I believe I bring the right leadership qualities, life skillset and business acumen to effectively represent our growing community and work collaboratively with fellow Board members to make Franklin a great place to live.”


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