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We shouldn’t wait around for someone else to solve a problem. Our voluntary sector is where the endless capacity for innovation and creative thought comes from. When bad things happen good neighbours step up and solve problems from the bottom up.

Parents know what is best for their children‘s education. The more top down control from Wellington the more our schools are politicized and the more they under perform. A one size fits all education system deprives parents of options in the way their child is schooled. We should increase choice in the delivery of our education system by letting parents choose what is best for them.

An approach that boosts economic development and protects property rights while keeping a close eye on the natural environment is a very good one. But it horrifies Western greenies who are allergic to any kind of meaningful economic development. The Resource Management Act should be repealed and replaced. The politicians who are pushing for urgent climate action are demanding the impossible. If ever they achieved their ambitions, western industrial civilisation would collapse.

The primary purpose of the state is to punish crime, protecting the safety and property of its citizens. The state must provide a sound system of justice whereby criminals pay for their crimes and victims are fully compensated. One of the sacred laws of justice is “innocent until proven guilty”. We do not want a police state in which we are watched at all times.

Council planning runs rough shod over property rights and ties new housing developments up in red tape. The Resource Management Act should be repealed and replaced with a law that lets property owners build without restrictive zoning while doing no harm to their neighbour’s property.

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